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Professional French translators

Our French translators are professional linguists who can deliver your translation in Standard French, Swiss French, Canadian French and African French dialects. See to the left to get the correct region/country for your translation.

Standard French translation

Standard French (written) or "Parisian" French also includes Corsica, Monaco and parts of Andorra (All parts of France). Standard French is also used (commercially) in Southern Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco and Western Switzerland.

This is very well understood by the French speaking world and is used in French speaking African countries for the educated classes.Standard French translation

Specialised French translations

When wanting a website translated into French, we can deliver in html, so your webmaster only has to change page and language links. We would also translate all meta tags, alt tags and forms and 'keywords' in your site so as to suit with your SEO style. Apart from Website translations, we also translate for the Engineering sector, as well as Sworn French translations for documents to be submitted to French courts and government departments, as well as other industry sectors (see translation services below).

Will your English to French translation be the same amount of text?

No, see the example to the right. In general the text translated from English to French will expand by about 10%. Conversely, your French to English translation text will contract by around 10%.


Benefits of using us for your French translation:

  • Qualified translators with over 100,000 words translated.
  • Translation in any French dialect.
  • Translation quote calculator (see above right).
  • 7 days a week contact with bilingual account managers.


We deliver the best value translation service in over 140 languages using qualified translators with average rates of £0,08 per word.

French Translation Confidentiality

All our French translators, whether translating from French to English translation or English to French translation are professional linguists with over 3 years and 100,000 words translated in their specialised field. The vast majority of them hold the diploma in translation (diptrans) from the Chartered Institute of Linguists or its national equivalent and have made their careers and professions out of translating technical manuals with complex terms.


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Example of French translation:

French translation

Système de stockage de DVD – rangement modulaire de DVD (contient 100 DVD)
Destiné à simplifier le rangement alphabétique ou chronologique en permettant d'ajouter de nouveaux titres à n'importe quel endroit sans avoir à déplacer chaque DVD. Disponible pour 100 DVD – rangement en plastique transparent avec une teinte grise et une légère finition qui lui donne un aspect de verre fumé.


DVD Storage Rack - modular DVD organiser (100 capacity)
Designed to simplify alphabetical or chronological filing by allowing the addition of new titles anywhere in sequence without the need to reposition every DVD. Available in 100 capacity in transparent plastic with a grey tint and a slight textured finish giving a smoked glass-like appearance.



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