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Professional Spanish linguists

Our Spanish translators are all professionals who live in-country to give you the dialect of that country/region. See below for details on the translation service we offer and the regional dialects.

Spanish (European)

Spanish translation

Spanish (European), included in the Canary Islands as well as the North African enclaves: Ceuta and Melilla.
This also includes the Balearic islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera) in the Mediterranean.

Catalan (Català), Galician (Galego) and Basque (Euskara)

These are variations of Spanish (although Basque has no similarity to Spanish) and only spoken in their native regions in Spain. They are classified as co-official languages in their native regions along with Castilian Spanish. Although used by Local Government, Commerce will use Castilain Spanish, unless specifically aimed at that particular region. Castilain Spanish is widely spoken and used more widely in Commerce in these regions than their regional languages.

Will your Spanish translation be the same amount of text?

No. In general the text translated from English to Spanish will expand by about 20%. Conversely, your Spanish to English translation text will contract by around 20%.

Specialised Spanish translations

When wanting a website translated into Spanish, we can deliver in html, so your webmaster only has to change page and language links. We would also translate all meta tags, alt tags and forms and 'keywords' in your site so as to suit with your SEO style. Apart from Website translations, we also offer anEngineering translation service, as well as Sworn Spanish translations for documents to be submitted to Spanish courts and government departments, as well as other industry sectors (see translation services below).

Spanish Translation Confidentiality

All our Spanish translators, whether translating from Spanish to English translation or English to Spanish translation are professional linguists with over 3 years and 100,000 words translated in their specialised field. The vast majority of them hold the diploma in translation (diptrans) from the Chartered Institute of Linguists or its national equivalent and have made their careers and professions out of translating technical manuals with complex terms.

Central and South American Spanish

Spanish speaking countries in the Americas Mexico Puerto Rico Dominican Republic El Salvador Costa Rica Belize - English Nicaragua Guatemala Honduras Panama Cuba Brazil - Brazilian Portuguese Argentina Peru Colombia Chile Guiana - English Suriname - Dutch French Guiana - French Bolivia Uruguay Paraguay Venezuala Ecuador Falkland Islands - English

There is a slight difference against European Spanish, especially when spoken, although when written they are slight.

See the map above to check that the area your translation is needed for is Spanish speaking:


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