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Use the translation rates calculator to get an instant rate per word for your translation. Located to the right, it will give you a translation rate per source word, which includes taxes.

The rate/price that you get from the calulator will also include proof reading.

European languages

Rate: £0.09 to £0.15 per source word (average rate: £0.11 per word)

(English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Turkish, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Greek, Romanian, Slovenian, Finnish and others)

$/EUR 0.10 to $/EUR 0.20 per source word (average rate: $/EUR 0.13 per word)

Asian languages

(Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and others)

Rate: £0.10 to £0.16 per source word (average rate: £0.12 per word )

$/EUR 0.15 to $/EUR 0.20 per source word (average rate: $/EUR 0.15 per word)

The actual rate will depend on the complexity of the text, source and target languages, total volume and when delivery is needed. Weekends and texts with a lot of slang (film scripts) or academic texts will be in the upper bracket of the above quoted rates.

What does source word mean? Source Word/Language – Language from which it will be translated from.


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