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We can translate your Website, delivering the translation within the original html files and even upload the files onto your server, changing page and language links and adding a language bar.

We would also translate all meta tags, alt tags and any forms.

All this is included within the translation quote price, when using the translation quote calculator to the right.

Partial or complete website translation?

Instead of translating your entire website you can opt to translate only the core pages.

Some pages are rarely seen by visitors and may not warrant the cost to translate it.

Next step...

You can send us the documents to be translated in word (.doc) or as original source files (.asp, .htm(l), .php, .xml, .js and many more).

Source files versus word document

Sending us the source files is better than copying content into a word document, as this method will not include: page title, description title, alt tags,etc.., which are extremely important in appearing where you want in the Search engine rankings (serps) in your different language.

For most images with text appearing in it, we would need the original file. Usually these are navigation buttons, and consist of glassy images.

SEO on your multilingual website

We can help you with optimizing your multilingual website for different countries, but the terminology our translators prefer (however correct or appropriate) might be VERY different from what your customers are using to find you. You must understand how your customers search online to effectively achieve high rankings and good online results. You should do research on what the major local search engines are and what your competition is doing so we can concentrate on translating keywords the way you want.

Advice when getting a translation quote for your website

Make sure your web design allows for localization.

For example an english to spanish translation of a text will on average add around 10% more text after translation. Arabic and Hebrew are written from right to left, so be prepared to change the design, especially the navigation bar. So do make sure that you have factored this in.

A more familiar problem is with fitting a translated word into a given area or space. For example the translation of the word 'submit' on a button, can be twice the length of the original English. This can be got around by adding symbols instead of words on the buttons.

Make sure that you are explicit in what you want translated, some pages are rarely seen by visitors and may not be worth translating.

The best way to be sure which pages you want translated and will be visited the most is to sign up to 'Google analytics', if you havn't already, which will give you feedback on visitor movements on your website. You will have to sign-in at the top-right of the google home page and then visit the 'analytics' page which will guide you through adding this feature. If you havn't already got this, it is definetly worth adding.


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What does Localization mean?

Localization is the process of translating a piece of software or a web site (eg: menu commands, help, tool bars, etc.) from one language to another without disturbing the code base. This is done by using specialized software like Catalyst.

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